Development Roadmap

The purpose of this roadmap is to provide a snap shot of the Huluhacoin Network planned release process, Huluhacoin's development progress and the current set of features that are available to both end users and developers.

The release process

The purpose of the development roadmap is to provide an indication of the Huluhacoin Network's up and coming features. There are no timescales at this stage as the speed at which Huluhacoin will iterate through the alpha testing stage is unknown and is dependent upon how well the network performs during testing. However, it is anticipated that having the core network in place will make it signi?cantly easier to test the addition of new features than ever before. It may become possible to be more speci?c with timescales as we enter beta phase.

The main phases of the release process are:

  • Alpha: the core network and fundamental functionality is provided via an initial implementation, this is the first public testing phase.
  • Beta: alpha implementations are reiterated and improved, based on user feedback.
  • Release candidate: the fundamental feature set is stabilised to provide greater security, resilience and efficiency.
  • Release: privacy, security, freedom!